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    Under the school motto, as known for “learning, Intellectuality, hope, and joy” in order to nurture future talents of Taiwan, we are here at Shu-Te University proudly to announce that the study institute is now a totally new educational unit as means for offering the learning-friendly school, including such as an full energy of young campus with enthusiasm faculty and vibrant students. Derived from the present need of a job workplace, the MBA program now intends to pay more specific attention to the entire concentration on yielding the empirical aspects of high-end enterprise cultivate talents so that our program can be in line with the emphasis of both integrating and cooperating practical skills with theoretical knowledge in class arrangements. Based on that, our program expectedly leads a learning environment for the graduate students whose education background holding a combination of theory and practice in one, as in three terms of knowledge management, teamwork, and academic research eventually toward being business elites. Indeed, we are sincerely welcome you altogether to become one member of our big family here, the MBA program. 

     Beginnings of the MBA Program

    The department of Business Administration of Shu-Te University was approved by the Ministry of Education in August, 1997. In order to promote the managers’ business operation and management ability for local need, typically a training opportunity for the large population of employees in the Kaohsiung city, as located in the southern region of Taiwan, the department thus was also designed for them from the exercise of a job marketplace to the study of academic discipline. Due to the main industrial zone located in Kaohsiung city for large size units to business operations, it is naturally for general business communities in shortage of management expertise. Because of that, the MBA program was proposed and established in June, 2001, and then it was approved by the Ministry of Education to offer PMBA in August, 2003. Continually, the program offered the two programs, EMBA and IMBA, in order to foster more and more talents in business management fields.

     Identification of the MBA Program
    For particular requests of technical expertise and business management from updating professional human resources to technological tools, we here the educational institute of Shu-Te University intend to make MBA students denominate their professional talents in the way as from so-called “four principles of academic mindset” for the terms of “professional capability, academic learning attitude, morality, and corporate intelligence.” All of them are designed for the action response of business strategic directions, so that then these four principles can be utilized as for the proposal plan and goal setting in order to make the effectiveness and efficiency of implementation.

    Professional Capability, Enabling in such Analysis and Judgments as a Decision-making Reaction
    The main goal of the MBA program is to shape the students here for "comprehensive" management in the professional level of personnel management. In fact, it is usually for the business community to request a decision-making process to their business performance, and thus a competent manager has to qualify the ability to quickly analyze the challenge situation they fact daily. That is: sometimes the information flows are really incomplete resulting in its risks and pressures in depth. Therefore, it is vital to strengthen the foundation skills of general business management through the essential basic training. Additionally, it is also so helpful for the students while training their ability to quickly analyze for the business environment and to make optimal decision to their job assignments. In short, the curriculum design of the program is to set a modular process which makes the students learn to enhance their expertise into the depth and breadth of management capabilities. On the experience of heritages from both faculty and classmates, it is usually support the students to share and learn the core of empirical business operations and values outside the classes. This is truly meaningful and beneficial for them because of both theory and practice they learn simultaneously through the interactions with each other, so that they are actual understanding of management in the reality of workplaces.

     Academic Learning Attitude- for Theory, foreign language, and the perspective of international views
    This is our hope, from the depth of bottom heart, that the program expects the students to build up knowledge and skills of contemporary management through the process of learning theoretical basis and from updating the latest knowledge. Since foreign language skills are so truly significant for mostly students because of the internationalization and globalization of business transactions, the program has paid more particular attentions to foster the students both the language proficiency and globalization perspective; That is great helpful for the students to meet the requires of enterprise development in the domestic business community, while specifically the language with globalization perspective are enable in the students to contact manufacturers outside Taiwan.

    Morality- Business Ethics, Faithfulness, and Confidence
    It is so important for our students to actively promote their business ethics, to enable them to understand the role player of business manager involving in both the profit-maximizing and social responsibility of enterprises. Thus, the program firmly encourages the students to participate in community service activities. In addition, the program also strengthens both professional and dedicated education in practices, because that is general vitality for the students by the business community, in terms as the criteria of a strong competence, professionalism, faithfulness, and confidence. However, it should be noted that professional capabilities should be built up through the foundational basis of the work confidence and frustration toleration. Accordingly, in order to carry out the educational goals, the program thus is strongly encourage the students to learn how to get along with co-workers, in the ways as for cooperation, coordination, teamwork.

    Corporate Intelligence- Collecting from Business Community and Entire Society
    The program positively invites the expert of business communities to exchange their useful experience for the students, through the ways of lectures and speeches. Through their interactions of the students with the business community, it can be expected as resulting in enhancing both sides as for the learning quality of the students and the contribution of business community to social responsibility efforts.

    Goal Setting for the Students
    The goal setting of the program is for the integration of the Management School here, Shu-Te University, in order to make the students not only strengthen in the management of knowledge specialization, also help raise to teamwork attitude through such the way as by peer learning groups to business implementation.

    The long-range period of development plan for the program is as follows:

    In academic aspects:

    1, Divisions into the specific professional fields such as: financial management, marketing management, human resource management, strategic management, production management, information management, international business management, international trade management, leisure management, hospitality management; all of them are intend to make the students have a learning process smoothly while at the same time beneficially them choosing their own study interests in the field.

    2, Being for academic research cooperation and for the exchange of faculty and students, with the educational units of mainland China.

    3, Being for academic research cooperation and for the exchange of faculty and students, with the educational units of international countries

    In practice linkages:

    1, Strategic alliances with business partnerships in order to help the students link with the job marketplace.

    2, Welcome for Taiwanese business community setting in mainland China to visit the program, in order to foster the cross-strait economic and trade professionals.

    3,Collaboration with traditional industry of southern Taiwan, in order to upgrade them the business performance. 

    Beyond the up-to-now Day toward the Futures  

    We are now facing the big challenges as the ways of the industrial shifts by upgrading technology and restructuring economy. Because of being the relocate resources from the traditional industries into the high competitiveness as being in the age of World Trade Organization (WTO), here the program carries out the essentiality of fostering the students to meet the inquire of professional level in business management, so that they are able to help enterprises adapt the challenges through the problem-solution knowledge they learn from here. In the near future days, the program of Shu-Te University will be extended through the more and more people (e.g., the faculty of Management School, business people, relevant stakeholders) who are motivated by the extra involvements of its educational support into the efforts of beneficial students. 


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