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Identification of the MBA Program

For particular requests of technical expertise and business management from updating professional human resources to technological tools, we here the educational institute of Shu-Te University intend to make MBA students denominate their professional talents in the way as from so-called “four principles of academic mindset” for the terms of “professional capability, academic learning attitude, morality, and corporate intelligence.” All of them are designed for the action response of business strategic directions, so that then these four principles can be utilized as for the proposal plan and goal setting in order to make the effectiveness and efficiency of implementation.

Messages from Director Desk

Under the school motto, as known for “learning, Intellectuality, hope, and joy” in order to nurture future talents of Taiwan, we are here at Shu-Te University proudly to announce that the study institute is now a totally new educational unit as means for offering the learning-friendly school, including such as an full energy of young campus with enthusiasm faculty and vibrant students. Derived from the present need of a job workplace, the MBA program now intends to pay more specific attention to the entire concentration on yielding the empirical aspects of high-end enterprise cultivate talents so that our program can be in line with the emphasis of both integrating and cooperating practical skills with theoretical knowledge in class arrangements. Based on that, our program expectedly leads a learning environment for the graduate students whose education background holding a combination of theory and practice in one, as in three terms of knowledge management, teamwork, and academic research eventually toward being business elites. Indeed, we are sincerely welcome you altogether to become one member of our big family here, the MBA program.

戴忠淵 / 教授

DYE, CHUNG-YUAN / Professor


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